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Structural Wall Sconce - Long in Light Grey

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Wall light that marks coordinates with a rectilinear language connects points of light in space, relates planes, and underlines the architectural dimension. Indirect lighting and composition based on volumes clarify light and shade.

*Customs duty fees and shipping cost from Vibia to Canada are included in the price.


Structural 2610-15/22

Dimension:13.25"H x 47.25"W x 4"D
Installation type: Surface mounted
Shade: Polycarbonate diffuser

Body: Aluminum
Diffuser: Polycarbonate
Profile: Aluminum


43 NO 1 4

Electrical characteristics
2 × LED PLATE 24V 6W
000138 clase energetica
Led 3000K CRI >90 1416 lm 118 lm/W
Driver included: CV - Constant Voltage 110~277 V 50/60Hz
Standard dimming: 0-10V
Optional dimming: DALI
Optional Remote driver dimming: DALI or Lutron ECO

Technical characteristics
Only one main input by square box 16x16cm.

*Please contact us for other colour options or configurations.

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