Who We Are

Located in Toronto’s décor and design quarter, AM STUDIO looks to showcase their contemporary and creative lighting collections across the Canadian retailer and onwards. This unique glass studio is also constantly making dynamic advancements in their renowned fused glass products.

Giora Meyer, a co-founder of AM STUDIO, has managed his family’s international glass studio for over twenty years. Originating in Israel, Giora saw an opportunity to bring many of the same artisan and unique glass technology to the North American Market. In 2007, together with Orly Meyer, he opened AM STUDIO Toronto. As a team they look to serve the trade and public with their first Custom Lighting showroom and active glass studio.

Custom Lighting

AM STUDIO is a versatile lighting studio that is oriented around customization. We create light fixtures, chandeliers, wall sconces and pendants by following each customer’s individual specification. We take into consideration budget, spatial dimensions, surrounding furniture or architecture (such as tables, sofas, islands, staircases, etc.) and colour scheme in order to perfect your desired outcome.

AM STUDIO’s exclusive lighting collection is unique and innovative. A brief browse through our new website will introduce you to the new and modern concepts in lighting spaces. Imagine, one central chandelier opens up to a multi-pendant fixture along a fine dinner table. But if you wish to stay with one centre chandelier, you will be surprised to see our Fontana or Crystal Cradle – an elegant and graceful interpretation on the everyday crystal chandelier.

Customers are encouraged to send us images of the spaces, drawings of their projects as well as additional specifications (such as ceiling height, table or island size and staircase dimensions). This information will also assist in a better estimation of the size of the light fixture, amount of pendants and bulb type.


Most of the light fixtures found in AM STUDIO (more specifically the pendant chandeliers) can be converted to one of the following:

  1. A dining room fixture with a rectangle or round ceiling base based on your table size and shape.
  2. Island pendants with single bases for each respective pendant.
  3. Staircase fixture, round or square ceiling base with long wires based on personal customization.
  4. Wall Sconce.

If you find that additional modification is needed or simply notice that you were going in a different direction, AM STUDIO will match your objectives and transform your dream into a reality.

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