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Shadows Exterior - PC1160

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Shadows is a take on the famed, timeless lights found in French ateliers, and its typology pays tribute to that legacy.

Identical in appearance to the original Shadows, the collection complies with the IP54 rating for exterior use: the handmade wooden body used in the indoor lights has been replaced with a two-piece weatherproof dural body, its subtle form and finish accentuated by a recessed LED light source. Special integrated connectors developed by BROKIS make it easy to install the lights in large sets as well as maintain and clean them.

The precision craftsmanship of master glassblowers gives the lights a distinctive, unequalled character and quality. The shades are made from multiple layers of molten glass, each of which is given careful attention before being blown into the mould.

The lights can be arranged in diverse compositions based on the needs of the customer or used as solitary exterior lighting elements. The combination of handblown glass and classic shapes has given rise to lighting of unageing elegance whose singular ambience is no longer restricted to the interior.

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