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Growing Vases by Lasvit

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Growing Vases by Lasvit


Nendo and Lasvit collaborated to create an art piece, which conveys the quixotic appeal of glass as something impractical and incomplete yet provides a breath of fresh air and opens up new possibilities. Created with Czech Bohemian glass, this lighting installation of whimsical nature, alludes to a whimsical glass forest filled with abstract flowers and branches. The principle of a flower and a vase here is turned upside down. By turning the pipes into the flowers and branches and by blowing the glass into a vase, suddenly the vases are blooming from flowers instead of flowers blooming in vases!

*Customs duty fees and shipment cost from Lasvit to Canada are included in the price.


Light Source
Source Type:GU10 Halogen
Colour Temperature:2800K

Product Dimensions
Diameter: 39 3/8"
Overhead: 55 1/8"

Weight: 35kg

Glass Colour: Sandblasted
Frame Finish: Laquered - Ral 9010 - White Glossy

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Handmade glass may contain bubbles and shades may vary due to the manufacturing process.

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