The 58th Grammys

AM studio was honored to be invited by Cityline TV design expert – Shai Tamasi to be part of the 58th Grammy Award Cityline live set in Los Angeles California!

The set was designed by Shai Tamasi and Kimberley Seldom, interior designer, integrating modern and retro furniture and lighting in gold, silver and black – glamour Grammy!

AM Studio Custom Lighting was invited to design lighting following the theme of the whole set. The Blooming Post Lamp was chosen with finished with frosty pearl glass globes in various heights and color combinations to match the color scheme of the set.

Orly Meyer, owner, worked closely with Shai Tamasi to create the perfect lighting with LED bulbs to glow a soft blending light in to the set. “It was a unique experience to be part of this project” say Orly Meyer “all the design process with Shai Tamasi, manufacturing and traveling to LA for the setup, meeting the host, Tracy Moor and getting to know all the team was one of a kind event!”