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Glass Medallions Round

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A beautiful and intricate piece of avant-garde design that is just as spectacular turned on as it is off.

The Glass Medallions round chandelier is comprised of overlapping discs that embrace a 2- tier metal base. The colour of the glass discs and finish of the metal frame are fully customizable - allowing the chandelier to appear as light and transparent or bold and striking as you please. 

As shown in image: 33 units of thick glass medallions (5"DIA, 6"DIA) overlapping on 2- tiers on a metal frame of 29"DIA, hanging by 3 aircraft wires from a custom ceiling base 6"DIA. 

Total size of chandelier 29"DIA x 10"H.


  • Polished nickel metal ceiling base (6”DIA) Size and finish are custom
  • Chandelier is suspending from ceiling base with 3 aircraft wires. Height of total drop custom
  • 33 textural glass medallions (5"DIA, 6"DIA) hanging on hooks, lining the tiers
  • 9 bulbs that create light for the fixture, veiled by a glass discs
  • Custom size, shape, quantity of tiers, and glass colours available
  • All of our products are ESA approved

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