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Upside Down by Lasvit

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Czech designer Boris Klimek is author of the Upside Down lighting series. Klimek has received a number of awards for his design works, and continues to focus on product and interior design. For years, Klimek has been interested in incorporating the simplicity and rawness of loosely hanging cables. Yet, he still wanted to capture the grandiosity of chandeliers, which he found in the curvatures of the free-hanging wires. In achieving his vision, Klimek's design for the Upside Down series organically juxtaposes beautifully contrasting elements: raw design with elegance, magnificence with ease. The series lifts a space to one of quiet grandeur, providing a gentle, yet stunning experience. The Upside Down lighting can be hung independently, or combined with additional lighting bodies. The lights are offered in two colour variants, black matt or an antique rose gold finish.


  • Glass Color: Transparent Copper, Light Smoke
  • Frame Surface: Antique Rose Gold,  Lacquered - Ral 9005 - Black Matt

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