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Sfera Portable by Brokis

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Sfera Portable is a rechargeable outdoor light that comes in two sizes. It is one of the latest additions to the BROKIS outdoor lighting portfolio. Sfera Portable is based on the idea of a small spheres of light set within a poured concrete base with the same subtle multiangular detail used throughout the Sfera family. The delicate sphere of handblown matte or gloss glass resides beneath a stainless-steel hoop, which serves as a handle for moving the light from one place to another. The concrete base houses not only the charging module but also a sensitive touch dimmer with which to adjust the brightness. Sfera Portable is fitted with an LED light source with diffusor and meets the safety and technological standards of the IP44 rating for outdoor use.

The sphere as a timeless and perfect shape whose allure never ceases to capture the imagination. Handblown glass anchored in a raw, almost brutalist concrete base is an excellent match for modern architecture, but it can also be used to great effect when set in contrast with historical architecture. Sfera Portable is a stylish atmospheric lighting object designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Thanks to its simple construction, the light can be easily picked up and moved to change the ambience of any space.


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