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Double Collection by Brokis

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Double, a new collection of lights, is based on a shape consisting of two elements made from two different materials – glass and lightweight aluminium. These materials depend on one another to generate a unique and consonant form. The glass globe terminating in a metal ring provides a suggestive effect, with the handle on top alluding to the idea of transporting the light. In the pendent variant, which is available in three different shapes, the upper metal section with wire rope seeks equilibrium in the scattered light and shadows as they pass through the lower metal ring and globe, the latter crafted from multiple layers of molten glass that are carefully scrutinized by the master glassmaker prior to blowing. The luminance of the LED light source is softened by a diffusor.

By virtue of its scope, the Double collection is ideal for private interiors and works very well in large compositions and colour combinations.

The new collection has been expanded with table and floor variants.


Designer: LCM MARIN design studio

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