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Buoy Collection by Bomma

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Buoys mark safe zones and harbors with light – a sure guide for completing successful journeys. BOMMA Creative Director Václav Mlynář found inspiration in the symbolism and shape of buoys, designing lights that create a private harbor in your interior. “The Buoy Collection seeks a balance between sculpture and product design,” he explains. This exciting new addition combines classic geometric shapes, an unusual light source and monumental handblown crystal elements. Its clean minimalist shapes and monumental size allow the Buoy Collection to become a masterful focal point in any space.

Buoy’s diffusion light rod running through the glass body is made from sandblasted polycarbonate that perfectly distributes the light. In its center are numerous LED chips, while the upper and lower part of the light is enclosed by a metal plate. The metal comes in either a silver or black version that can be further combined with various tones of glass. The colours of the glass enhance the minimalist form of the light, providing a choice of crystal clear glass, sophisticated smoke gradient or a delicate opaque veil.

Buoys embody the best of glassmaking craftsmanship. Design by Václav Mlynář


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