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Bonbori Wall by Brokis

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The very first outdoor lighting collection in the BROKIS portfolio, Bonbori was created by world-renowned Japanese designer Fumie Shibata. This successful collection has now been expanded with wall-mounted lights based on the original smaller Bonbori lamp.

The new Bonbori Wall comes in two variants, the first of which respects its traditional pedigree and is called Bonbori Wall Up. The second light is called Bonbori Wall Down and, as the name suggests, is a mirror image of the former. Both variants are well suited to interior and exterior installation.

The Bonbori family is inspired by the traditional paper lamps that line the paths to shrines and temples during the annual paddy harvest festivals in Japan. In Japanese, the word ‘bonbori’ not only denotes this traditional form of lighting, but it also describes the soft light coming from within a snowy cave.

The new Bonbori Wall lights meet the IP44 rating for outdoor lighting. The simple stainless-steel body is finished in an environmentally friendly weather-resistant powder coating. The easily removable LED light source, which can withstand below-freezing temperatures, casts a gentle glow through a diffusor and laser-cut openings in the stainless steel.

The likeness to the traditional bonbori lamp is achieved with a handblown glass shade, an extraordinary single piece crafted from several layers of carefully formed glass, each of which is thoroughly inspected by the master glassmaker before being blown into the mould. The shade is crafted from opaline, opal, or transparent glass in smoke brown or smoke grey, while the metal body is available in black matte powder coating, copper metallic, or grey metallic.

The gentle light of Bonbori pays tribute to a traditional Japanese lantern. Its skilfully crafted handblown glass and soft luminescence create a magical and festive ambience to be enjoyed as thoroughly in solitude as with family and friends.


Designer: Fumie Shibata

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