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Praha by Lasvit

This timeless set of original pendants designed for and installed in the Hotel Praha, a prominent architectural project completed during the 1980’s. Although presenting the best of contemporary design, the hotel was later torn down despite civic efforts to preserve it as a cultural monument. These lights are among the few remaining artifacts. Libensky used varying thicknesses of glass to create a play of rays and shadows on the fixtures themselves as well as the surrounding interiors. Amassing fixtures in a variety of shapes and heights enables diverse effects from a fireball look to more delicate forms resembling a kaleidoscope.

*Customs duty fees and shipment cost from Lasvit to Canada are included in the price.


Available in five sizes: Single Long, Single Short, Cluster of 3 Long, Cluster of 7 and Cluster of 22. Designed by Stanislav Libenský for Lasvit.

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