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IVY SINGLE by Brokis

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Inspired by nature and its versatility, IVY Single offers nearly endless possibilities for unique lighting compositions.

Nature and its life-giving beauty and strength are the inspiration behind the unique lighting concept called IVY. Just like a growing plant, so too can IVY create a myriad of images. The collection represents an innovative high-tech concept that makes it possible to achieve truly unmatched lighting compositions.

Hung from special coax cables, the lights are easy to install and combine thanks to modular components. Variable and precise in craftsmanship all the way down to the smallest detail, they come in three sizes in either matte light rose, opal, or smoke glass. The distinctive handblown glass elements can be arranged in a seemingly endless variety of compositions and rightly hold their place among artistic, bespoke lighting solutions ideal for public spaces, hotels, offices, and many other projects.

Designer:Lucie Koldova


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