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Funnel - Large in White

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Funnel Lamps - Light for ceiling or wall fitting. It gives an indirect light which is ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere in any room. Non-dazzle.

*Customs Duty fee and shipping cost for Vibia to Canada are included in the price.


Funnel 2013-10/12

Dimensions: 13.75"D
Installation type: Surface mounted
Shade: Aluminum body

Shade: Aluminum
Reflector: Aluminum
Wall plate: Steel
Colour: Soft Pink NCS S1010-Y50R


43 1 4

Electrical characteristics
1 × LED PLATE 6.3W 350m
LED 2700K CRI >80 632 lm 100 lm/W
Fixture: 420 lm 67 lm/W
Driver included: CC - Constant Current 350 mA 100~240V 50/60Hz
Standard dimming: NO DIMMING

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