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A striking fixture that doubles as a sculptural pendant, the EYE evokes just as much power and attention as its namesake. The fixture is constructed of several panels of curved fused glass which encase a sleek lower base housing 3 LED bulbs. The result is a layered pendant with varied textures and transparencies.

As shown in image: 4 glass panels curved around a lower base with 3 LED bulbs (total size 62”L x 20”H)


  • Powder coated metal ceiling plate houses the transformers (size and colour are
  • custom)
  • Fixture is attached to ceiling base with 4 rods (size of drop custom)
  • Lower base houses 3 LED bulbs
  • 62”L X 20”H
  • Size and colour of glass panels are custom
  • All of our products are ESA approved

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