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Eve by Lasvit

Composed of fifteen glass pieces arranged in one intriguing ensemble, Eve is a chandelier that combines traditional glassmaking techniques with parametric design. Informed by Hadid’s renowned design language, the composition is fluid and organic, accentuating differences between clear and opaque elements.
Suspended at varying heights, the glass bodies gracefully float in space and create an impressive play of light and shadow. Its sculptural qualities, notable in daylight, open to new dimensions in the evening.

*Customs duty fees and shipment cocostsrom Lasvit to Canada are included in the price.


Source Type: LED moduel 10W
Power: 1575 lm/ 80CRI
Colour Temperature:2700K

Product dimensions: 20 7/8"D x 26 3/8"H
Weight: 40kg

Glass Colour: Clear Matte
Frame Finish: Ruthenium Coating 
All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Handmade glass may contain bubbles and shades may vary due to the manufacturing process.

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