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modern and streamlined take on a chandelier, the LED Disc fixture is a show stopping acrylic and LED fixture that emits glowing rings of light. The floating disc, at an impressive size of 30”D with dozens of embedded 1W LED bulbs placed in concentric circles. The lower disc is suspended by 4 black wires that stem from a compact ceiling base. The length of the wires can be customized to any ceiling height. Envision the LED Discs fixture in a foyer/reception area, above a staircase or dining table. Whether placed in a residential or commercial setting, this modern chandelier will be an impactful addition to your space.

As shown in image: 30”DIA acrylic disc in black or white, suspending down 32"H on 4 wires from an 12”DIA canopy


  • LED Disc suspending by 4x black wires 
  • Fixture Dimensions: 30"DIA x 12"DIA base
  • Height: Custom  
  • Bulbs: LED Star 1W
  • Finishes: White or Black acrylic  
  • All of our products are ESA approved

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