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A beautiful and intricate piece of avant-garde design that is just as spectacular turned on as it is off. The Glass Medallions chandelier is comprised of overlapping discs that embrace a tiered metal base. The color and finish of the discs are fully customizable, allowing the chandelier to appear as light and transparent or bold and striking as you please.

As shown in image: Three tiers of overlapping thick glass medallions hanging on four chains from a custom powder coated ceiling base size 26″ x 6″. Total size of chandelier 52”L x 20”H x 16”W with 5”D-6″D medallions. Colour of frame and glass discs are fully customizable.


  • Powder coated metal ceiling plate (24”L x 6”W, size and color are custom)
  • Chandelier is suspended from ceiling base with four chains (length of drop custom)
  • Lower base (size 52”L X 20”H 16”W) is constructed of tiered metal frames edged with small hooks
  • Textural glass medallions line the tiers
  • Size, shape, number of tiers and glass colour are custom
  • As shown in image: 52”L X 20”H X 16”W

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