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The Flat pendants reflect the modern and sleek properties of LED lighting while adding a bold, artistic statement to any space. As a series, the formed acrylic pendants play of each other’s varied shapes. Create contrast and impact by mixing the different shape side by side hanging them as a pair or separately.

The Flats are available in black, white, red, brown.


  • Powder coated metal ceiling plate houses the transformers. Standard base size for a single pendants is 5”X5” with custom sizes available for multiple pendants.
  • Each pendant is suspended from ceiling base with two electrical wires (length of drop is custom)
  • 7 shapes available- Elliptical Dome, Palace, Tagin, Turret, Funnel, Dome and Kuub
  • Pendants range from 9.5-36” in length and 10”-18” in height
  • 5-12 1W LED bulbs in each pendant
  • All of our products are ESA approved

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