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Capsula is a sophisticated and exhilarating light bearing resemblance to a plant cell or seed. The nucleus of the piece is a tubular triplex-glass LED light source, developed by Brokis, that transects the inner shade and translucent external shell to form a notional axis. The layering and overlapping of these three distinct components give rise to dramatic 3D optical effects. The end caps fasten the components together and serve as anchor points for the creative dual suspension straps, which also conceal the power cable and allow for variation in the final positioning of the light. The Capsula collection is offered in sets as well as individual lights that can be combined per customer requirements.

Design: Lucie Koldova


  • Dimensions [hxw]: 265 mm x 295 mm / 10.4" x 11.6"
  • Weight: 9 Kg
  • Construction material: glass, metal
  • Cord Lenght [mm]: 2,000mm
  • Mounting: ceiling
  • Environment: Indoor

  • Input Voltage [V]: 120 V
  • Frequency [Hz]: 60 Hz
  • Max. power [W]: 8 W
  • Coverage IP: 20
  • Socket: non-user repaceable LED module
  • Light Source: 

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