How to work with us

How to Create Your Custom lighting with AM STUDIO:

  1. Collect information about the space. Such as:
    ✔ Images
    ✔ Drawings
    ✔ Dimensions
    ✔ Color scheme and atmosphere (fabric, flooring, cabinets, railing, etc.)
  2. Browse “Projects” on our website. See what you like. Maybe even get a sense of your direction with your own project.
  3. Send an email with your information / Arrange an appointment or Just Pop in.  We would love to show you around.
  4. Define your budget so we will be able to work within it.
  5. Have a list of “Musts”. What must you have in the final product?
    ✔ Good reading light or ambient light (mood-setting light)
    ✔ Colorful glass or shiny metallic finish
    ✔ Modern or traditional style
    ✔ The options are endless